Show Sponsorship

Benefits of Becoming a Sponsor:
  • Reach the Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota target market
  • Drive lots of traffic to your website
  • Your sponsorship message is tied to the podcast episode for life
  • Save time and resources
  • Choose the marketing package that is right for you. Cost-effective advertising to a target rich market
Sponsorship Guidelines:
  • All podcast tags for sponsorships will begin with: “This Episode of Concealed Wisconsin Radio is sponsored by <your company name>”
  • The remaining 15 seconds of the underwriting announcement offers the opportunity to identify your company or organization through the use of:
    • Established slogans that identify, and promote your brand
    • Location, hours of operation, phone number and/or address
    • Value-neutral description of the business
    • Trade names, products or services that identify
    • Web URL
  • All podcasts will include a final closing tag listing Concealed Wisconsin’s major funding.
  • Podcast opening and closing tags remain with that particular podcast for the life of the podcast.
  • Concealed Wisconsin Radio reserves all ownership rights to voice overs and digital ads created for Clients by Concealed Wisconsin Radio.

The term of the contract will be determined according to contributor’s needs and availability.  If none of the packages exactly fit your needs, please let us know so that we may work with you to tailor a solution better fit for your overall marketing plans.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Understanding the difference between Radio & Podcasts

We use the popular term, Concealed Wisconsin “Radio”, but we are not a traditional radio show; we are a Podcast – which is way better than Radio in so many ways.  Many people take the approach that advertising on a podcast is much like advertising on radio and there are some major differences between the two platforms and we have listed them here for you.
  1. Advertising on radio would require the targeted audience to be listening at the precise moment that the commercial airs. If not, it misfired on all accounts. A podcast however, is more often than not listened to at the convenience of the audience.
  2. On radio, you are paying for a specific time slot and when that time slot is over, That’s It! On a podcast, the show will be downloaded over and over. Sometimes by the same listener and even more often by new listeners. So the longevity of the commercial can live on forever. Meaning Residual Advertising at no additional cost to the Sponsor.
  3. Podcast advertising is advantageous to the sponsor as well because it is guaranteed to be heard by the audience, especially if the commercial is at the very beginning of the show.
  4. When advertising on radio, sponsors can only be in that listening geographic area. Thanks to iTunes and The Internet, advertising will now reach a greater number of listeners than ever before.
  5. Last but not least, when advertising on a podcast, the price is more negotiable than airtime on any radio station.
About Concealed Wisconsin Radio

Concealed Wisconsin Radio is a free podcast covering guns, carrying guns, and gun related news, current events, and political attempts to attack gun rights. Each episode is available on our website, on iTunes (download or subscription), Facebook, Youtube (Video format), and via our subscription based newsletter.

Our Demographics are Men (70%) and Women(30%) ages 18-65 and we typically can reach audiences from Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Illinois, but we have listeners all over the world.

Why Become a Sponsor?


New media, such as podcasting, has been proven to be an extremely effective way of getting your message out to a very targeted audience.  The Concealed Wisconsin Radio Show is offering businesses a chance to share their message with our audience: The growth of our base has been consistent and we have doubled our listener base in just the past 3 months.

Your message would always be available to our current followers but would also be available for our growing audience of future download as well.

Types of Sponsorship:

Show Sponsor – Price $240.00 Per Show

  • A 15-30 second commercial before the show starts 100% Guaranteed to be heard by all of our listeners.
    This weeks show is brought to you by (YOUR COMPANY).  Followed by a description of what you’re advertising, how to get to you and phone numbers or website address etc.
  • A 120 x 60 banner link placed on the home page of our website with a link directly to your website which will remain on our home page for 30 days from the time the show is uploaded.
  • A 15-30 second commercial at the end of the show.
    This episode of Concealed Wisconsin Radio was brought to you by (YOUR COMPANY).  Followed by a description of what you’re advertising, how to get to you and phone numbers or website address etc.
General Sponsor – $120.00 Per Show

  • A 15-30 second Commercial placed at our discretion at some point during the show.
  • A banner link on our sponsor page that will remain there for 30 days from the time the show is uploaded.

Commercial Only – $60.00 Per Show

  • A 15-30 second Commercial placed at our discretion at some point during the show.

Banner Link Only – See Pricing Below.

Web site advertising

The Concealed Wisconsin web site is a popular destination for fans of the show. The site is also indexed and highly ranked by major search engines and youtube.com, as we provide show note (transcripts) and create video versions of every episode. The keyword-rich content of the transcripts provides excellent search engine optimization.  Momentum on Facebook is always growing; a lot of traffic is driven to the Concealed Wisconsin site by the content we post on Facebook. This means lots of eyeballs on your ad!

We usually use standard IAB ad unit sizes, but custom ad sizes can be accommodated.

Ad space can be purchased in one month (30 day) increments. Ads are refreshed on the site on the 1st of every month.  We do not disclose our total website traffic to our site, but we do track the click through of all ads we place on our site for sponsors and provide a report once a month.

You can place ads on a particular page of your choosing (“per-page” cost), or on every page across the entire site (“site-wide” cost.)

Ad size Per-page cost Site-wide cost
88 x 31 (Micro Bar) $20 $100
120 x 60 (Button 2) $25 $125
180 x 150 (Rectangle) $35 $175
300 x 250 (Medium Rectangle) $40 $200
160 x 600 (Wide Skyscraper) $50 $250
300 x 600 (Half Page Ad) $70 $350
728 x 90 (Leaderboard) $80 $400

The exact placement of ads within the page layout is entirely at the discretion of the Concealed Wisconsin webmaster.  Sponsors ads are typically ‘above the fold’, unless design issues dictate otherwise.

Design services for ads are available at additional cost.

***If you don’t have a commercial in MP3 format, we will voice over a commercial for you at NO additional charge.***

Please contact:

Andy Anderson

Thank you for your time in considering sponsoring Concealed Wisconsin Radio. Please let me know if you have any questions regarding show sponsorships.  I’d be happy to discuss them with you anytime.

Andy Anderson | Concealed Wisconsin – Gun Education, Information, & Community
Feedback: 608-305-4867 | e: andy@concealedwiscsonin | www.concealedwisconsin.com