Welcome to Concealed Wisconsin!  A podcast about Guns, Wisconsin, and YOU!  In today’s show, I get a chance to sit down with Michael Martin, the author of several books on Concealed Carry.  He is an expert on the subject and his books are excellent resources that I highly recommend for anyone looking to learn more about Carrying a Firearm for self-defense.

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Interview with Michael Martin, author of Concealed Carry Fundamentals and other books about carrying a firearm for protection.  Michael Martin is the President and owner of Key House Press LLC, and author of the “Fundamentals” series of books.

In addition to the “Fundamental” book series, Michael Martin is also the author of a number of other articles and workbooks, including a series from YouArePrepared.com (a division of Delta Media LLC), and a series of articles with Concealed Carry Magazine.

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