Update on the Castle Doctrine
As of November 3rd, 2011 – the Senate passed an amended version of the Castle Doctrine bill.  This means that the bill goes back to the Assembly for debate.  If it is passed as is, it will be delivered to the Governor for his signature.  This bill brings protection to Wisconsin citizens who defend themselves against attacks in their own homes, cars, and businesses.

Updates on Concealed Carry License
As of November 2nd, several people reported getting their license in the mail already.  These individuals were some of the first inline to hand deliver their applications to the Department of Justice.

For those of us that mailed them into the Department of Justice, our applications were mixed in with the tens of thousands of applications that poured into through the mail from all over Wisconsin.  We will likely see our licenses in the coming weeks as they begin to work through the mail.

JB Van Hollen secured Concealed Carry License #1, but many thought that honor should have gone to someone more deserving, based on actually working hard to successfully bringing Concealed Carry forward.

Suggested names include Sen. Pam Galloway – the author of the Concealed Carry legislation, Nik Clark of Wisconsin Carry Inc., or Annette Olsen of Un-Infringed Liberty.

Leave a comment below with who you think should have had License #1

Featured Segment

In today’s podcast, we’ll be talking with Dominic Ferraro, the President of Advanced Protection Group, LLC.  Advanced Protection Group provides personal defense training, specialized law enforcement training, private security solutions, and investigative consulting services.

Advanced Protection Group consists of current and former law enforcement officers, investigators, certified firearms instructors, military personnel, firefighters, insurance adjusters, and security experts.

Advanced Protection Group is a family owned and operated company located in central Wisconsin with associates that are strategically positioned throughout the state to ensure maximum coverage and efficient operations.

You may have heard Dominic in the media discussing concealed carry issues over the past several months; he is a patriot, constitutional carry advocate, and 2nd Amendment proponent and it is a privilege to have him on today’s show.

We’ll be talking about all of this and much, much more!

Links from today’s show:

Advanced Protection Group, LLC
Post Office Box 411
Westfield, WI  53964-0411

608-218-4636 | Office
855-942-2779 | Toll-free5

Download your CCL application today!

Concealed Carry Application

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