Congratulations Wisconsin!

Our state has finally recognized the constitutionally guaranteed right to use a firearm to protect ourselves against criminals who seek to do us harm!

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In today’s podcast, we’ll be discussing the new law from a legal perspective as we interview attorney Adam Jarchow from Bakke Norman Law Offices located here in Wisconsin.  Adam has spent time in recent months discussing the new law with individuals and businesses who are wondering how it will affect them and their ability to protect themselves, their customers, and their rights as property owners.

What will you do if you’re in a self defense scenario and are forced to use your weapon to protect yourself or a loved one?  Do you know what you should or should not say to law enforcement?  Who should you call first?  Do you know your rights and how to protect them?  What about getting pulled over by a police officer while carrying your weapon?  How should you react  and what should you say?

We’ll be talking about all of this and much, much more!

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Bakke Norman Law
Baldwin Location
990 Main Street
PO Box 54
Baldwin, WI 54002
Phone: 715.684.4545

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