February 12, 2012 (MADISON, Wis.) — The Wisconsin Department of Justice announced that they have regained the upper hand on the mountain of concealed carry license applications and are finally meeting Act 35’s deadlines.

Wisconsin’s concealed carry law, Act 35, states that the Department of Justice shall process applications received before Nov. 30 within 45 days and any applications received after that date must be processed within 21 days.

With the obvious popularity of the new law and tens-of-thousands of applications flooding into the Department’s Madison office, they quickly staffed up to meet the demand, but by December 29th, they had already fallen behind.

As of February 11, however, the Department of Justice is back in compliance with the law. According to Law Enforcement Services Division Administrator Brian O’Keefe, the Department of Justice hired 11 new employees in January to keep up on processing applications.   According to reports, applications fell as far back as 5 days.

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