On November 1, 2011, you’ll finally be able to apply for your concealed weapons license to carry a gun, but the law also includes other weapons as well.  With a license, you’ll be able to conceal a gun, knife, billy club, and electronic weapon to protect you or a loved one from a violent attack.  Each one of these weapons has a specific application in a self-defense scenario and all are dangerous, but not all are necessarily lethal if used correctly.

Perhaps you or your spouse aren’t comfortable carrying a gun, but you are concerned for your safety and want a non-lethal weapon that can still stop a bad guy in his tracks, then I’d recommend the Taser C2.  This weapon can be deployed from up to 15 feet away from the target, leaving the criminal immobilized and giving you time to escape. (cont. below)

The Taser C2 works regardless of whether the perpetrator is wearing clothing, high on drugs, or binging on alcohol.  You can feel confident with your aim because of the Taser C2 as an integrated laser that tells you exactly where the electronic probes will land. (cont. below)

If you carry a gun for self-defense, you should consider adding a Taser C2 to your EDC (Every Day Carry) tool box.  Simply put, options are good!  We hope to never need to use our weapon to defend ourselves or others, but in the event that we do, it makes sense to have a non-lethal option too.  You need to have multiple options to answer any threat and once the option is available in Wisconsin, you’ll definitely be hearing more about the Taser C2.

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