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2nd-Amendment Personal Protection ActSince the Wisconsin Senate passed SB-93 on June 14, 2011, there have been questions and answers floating around the internet regarding the contents of the now signed law called Act 35.

Unfortunately, many of the answers are not accurate and the information comes packaged in the form of legalizing instead of plain English.  At Concealed Wisconsin was trying to get answers to your questions and post them in a user-friendly way that you can understand and you can share with your friends.

We still encourage you to read the law yourself and get any legal advice from an attorney (which we are not!) before strapping on a firearm.

Important Documents Regarding SB-93/ACT 35

Senate Bill 93 – Final Version

Act 35 – Final Document

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Documents

  • Memorandum – 6-22-11 – to Senator Pam Galloway (FAQ)
    Describing the major provisions of 2011 Senate Bill 93, relating to going armed with a weapon, possessing or transporting a firearm, electric weapons.
  • Memorandum -7-1-11 – Summary of the Bill (FAQ)
    Carrying and Possessing Firearms in Wisconsin

Open Carry Information

Department of Justice – Law Enforcement

  • Concealed Carry Information

Summary of Frequently Asked Questions

  • When does the law take effect?
    The new Concealed Carry Law should go into effect by November 1, 2011.
  • What is required to get a license?
    Apply through the Wisconsin Department of Justice.
    At least 21 years old.
    Pass Background Check (NICS).
    Certified Training (DNR Hunter Safety, NRA, etc.).
    Pay the application fee.
  • Can I still open carry now without a Concealed Carry License?
    Yes, open carry is still legal and doesn’t require a license, but you may not car carry until November 1, 2011, provided clarification has been made on unlicensed car carry.
    There has been much debate on Car Carry without the license – not all agree.  Some say the law indicates you can and some say it needs more clarification.  Check back for more information.
  • Do you need a license to car carry?
    I need to clarify the answer.  No matter what, you may not car carry until November 1, 2011.
    With a license, it will be no problem at all, including 1,000′ GFSZ rules.
    Without a license, there are still questions on whether car carry is “concealed” or not. Without a license, open carriers will still be subject to the 1,000′ GFSZ rules – even in your car!
    Check back for more information.
  • What weapons can I carry with a Concealed Carry License?
    A weapon is a handgun, an electric weapon, a knife other than a switchblade knife, or a billy club.
    The list doesn’t include rifles or shotguns.
  • Where are Guns not allowed pre-license?
    (See Wisconsin Carry, Inc. The brochure above for specific WI statutes)

    l.  Post Offices, Government Buildings (City Halls), etc.
    2.  Schools or within 1000′ of a schools/school property
    3.  Inside your vehicle (see specific rules on car carry).
    4.   Restaurants that serve alcohol
    5.  State Parks & Fish Hatchery
    6.  Any privately owned business or residence that has posted or verbally told you ‘no guns allowed.’
  • Where are Guns not allowed post-license?  Note: this list is not complete!
    (See Act 35 above for complete list)

    l.   Post Offices,  Police Stations, prisons, jails, etc.
    2.  – a.  Without a license – Schools or within 1000′ of a school/school property.
    2.  – b.  With a license Schools or school property.  (1,000′ ban is lifted with a license)
    3.  Any privately owned business or residence that has posted or verbally told you ‘no guns allowed.’
    4.  Beyond the security checkpoint at an airport.
    5.  Public & Government Buildings – if posted or verbally told you ‘no guns allowed.’
  • If I’m a Wisconsin resident and have a permit from another state, can I carry in Wisconsin without getting a license?
    NO, you must get a Wisconsin Resident’s license.
  • How long are the licenses good for?
    5 years