Aldi Grocery Store MilwaukeeMilwaukee, Wis. – Nazir Al-mujaahid, a law-abiding Wisconsin concealed carry license holder, used his sidearm to shoot a shotgun-weilding armed robber who had entered a north-side Aldi’s grocery store in Milwaukee and threatened the cashier and customers on January 30th, 2012.  As is standard protocol, the armed citizen’s holster, gun, and ammunition were taken into evidence by the Milwaukee Police Department.

Listen to Concealed Wisconsin’s Interview With Nazier.

A few days later the Milwaukee District Attorney’s office cleared the armed citizen of any wrong-doing and declared the shooting justified.

Despite being exhonerated by the DA, making repeated attempts to obtain the return of his firearm from Milwaukee Police, and sending a letter to the DA’s office requesting assistance in the return of his property, Mr. Al-Mujaahid’s gun remains in Police possession.

Wisconsin Carry, Inc. has observed what appears to be a pattern of civil-rights infringing behavior from the Milwaukee Police Department. The Milwaukee Police Department appears to have a practice of concocting baseless reasons to seize any and all guns they come across in the City – even when those guns have never been used in connection with a crime. The Police Department also appears to have a practice of refusing to return firearms or unduly delaying the return of firearms that were seized incident to an arrest despite the fact that no charges were brought or when the gun owner is exonerated by the court system.

WCI believes that these acts by the Milwaukee Police Department represent violations to law-abiding citizens constitutionally guaranteed right to be free from illegal seizures of their private property and their Constitutionally recognized right to keep and bear arms.

As Wisconsin Carry considers whether legal action against the City of Milwaukee is justified or required to correct this apparent illegal and immoral behavior, we call on the Milwaukee Police Department to return Mr. Al-Majaahid’s gun to him without delay.

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Nik Clark, President
Wisconsin Carry, Inc.

Ask Mayor Tom Barrett and the members of Common Council Public Safety to side with the law-abiding citizen who defended himself and others from a shotgun-wielding thug and implore Milwaukee Police to return the “Aldi’s armed citizen”, Nazir’s gun to him immediately.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett:
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Milwaukee Common Council Public Safety Committee:

The Public Safety Committee is concerned with issues brought forth from the fire, police, health and neighborhood services departments.


Ald. Robert G. Donovan, Chair
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Ald. Robert W. Puente, Vice Chair
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Ald. Terry L. Witkowski
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Ald. James N. Witkowiak

Ald. Joe Davis, Sr.
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“Wisconsin Carry, Inc. will continue to use an “all of the above” approach to advancing and protecting the right to carry of law-abiding Wisconsin residents.  This approach will include civil litigation, public relations, grass-roots legislative activism, and education/training.” – Nik Clark