Starbucks Ask Gun Owners to Leave Guns at Home

Starbucks CEO, Ron Howard, released an open letter to the public announcing a change in policy, which may or may not change the way you drink coffee.  The memo requests patrons NOT to carry guns in their stores. It does not go as far to say it bans guns, but Starbucks has definitely crossed the line in the sand, which is likely due to the pressure put on the coffee giant by anti 2nd Amendment groups.

You can read their press release here:

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Mass Murder in DC Navy Yard

A 34 year old Navy Veteran and contract worker at the Navy Yard, who will remain nameless on this blog, entered the Navy Yard compound in Washington D.C. with a shotgun concealed in a backpack. He had been working at the Navy Yard for just 1 week.  Once inside building 197, the suspect proceeded to hunt down, shoot,  and kill 12 innocent people before being shot and killed by police. Early media reports were filled with misinformation about the number of suspects, types of weapons, and details of the story…as the the liberal media rushed to create a story that villinized the AR-15 and law abiding citizens who choose to arm themselves.

The FBI now says that the man who carried out this rampage was suffering from delusions and thought he was being controlled by low frequency electromagnetic waves. His mental health and stability are now a big focus in the investigation. His toxicology reports have not been released, but it has been long rumored that some popular psychosomatic drugs can actually cause users to lose control and snap. Previous mass murders in the US have shown that the suspects have typically been using a prescribed psychosomatic drug at the time of the shooting. The government may want to look into the affects of treating PSD, depression and anxiety with medications that may likely lead to long term mental instability.

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Open Carry Debate in Appleton Continues

On September 7th, 2 people attempted to enter the heavily populated farmers market with an AR-15 on their backs, it made national news.  The topic of “Open Carry” is often debated, but when it involves long guns (especially scary black ones) the debate gets a lot more attention. The fact that open carry is legal in Wisconsin and that the 2 individuals were released without tickets and with their guns hasn’t stopped the anti-gun banter, but more than likely escalated it.

Everyone has an opinion, some are for it and some are against it. Were do you stand?

“Somewhere there is a balance between proving a point in order to educate the public and law enforcement about the constitution and causing a scene and bringing anti-gun attention to Wisconsin once again.”
– Justin from Osceola, WI

Milwaukee Sheriff Clarke commented on the open carry incident in Appleton, which cause a bit of a stir from his supporters who felt like he switched positions on the issue.  You can listen to his comments and leave your opinions here:


Andy Anderson
Host of Concealed Wisconsin Radio