Milwaukee, WI –  (January 30, 2012) Two armed robbery suspects were unable to get the cash they came into the Aldi Store at N. 76th St. and W. Villard Ave., despite being heavily armed with shot guns.  All because of a quick thinking 36 year old Wisconsin Concealed Carry License holder, who stopped the robbery with his own gun.  Now he faces possible charges, not because he stopped the robbery, but because Aldi Stores are posted with a “No Weapons Sign” on the door – which could turn this hero into a criminal.

Updated information – As of February 2, 2012 – the Milwaukee DA will not press charges against the shooter.

Aldi Grocery Store MilwaukeeViolating a posted sign on a business can get you into some trouble, likely a trespassing charge and forfeiture (fine) – but it isn’t a criminal act as described by some in the media.  Most of the time you’d just be asked to leave or possibly talking to the police who may issue you a forfeiture violation.

While Concealed Wisconsin doesn’t endorse violating a businesses wishes, we do encourage our listeners to shop someplace else instead of a business that hangs a sign out telling criminals that “it is safe to rob this place – we’ve kicked out anyone with a gun that might stop you!”

Armed RobberyAs Aldi found out on Monday, signs don’t stop criminals from robbing your store at Gun point and it is likely that they were targeted because of the sign on their door.  Many businesses, especially in Milwaukee and Madison, have decided to make a statement against the new concealed carry law and post their business with a sign.

Second Amendment advocates, like the listeners of Concealed Wisconsin, have politely been telling businesses that they’ve lost their business (and alienated 60,000 people in Wisconsin) because they are violating their constitutional right to protect themselves, their families, and others.  According to members of the gun advocacy group, Wisconsin Carry, Inc., many businesses have changed their positions on the matter after a short discussion about the new law.

As of today, Aldi continues to post their stores and has made no comments other than than they are thankful no employees or customers were hurt in the incident.  In my opinion, it is unfortunate that they have not publicly thanked the customer who stopped the armed robbery and offered him free groceries for a year.  That however isn’t likely anytime soon.

As of February 2nd, the unidentified customer/hero has not been arrested or charged with a crime, but has met with the District Attorney to discuss the incident.  According to reports, this Aldi Store had 2 security guards, but neither of them were armed and they were not a deterrent to a violent crime.  After the 2 men entered the store with Shot Guns demanding money, the only thing that stopped the criminal before they turned the gun on a clerk or customer was an armed citizen.

Police have both suspects in custody, the 20 year old suspect suffered gunshot wounds and is recovering.  The unidentified customer has indicated that he is fearful for his safety, because he may become the target of retaliation by the suspects friends.

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~ Andy