SB-93 Becomes Law on July 8, 2011

In celebration of Wisconsin & the 2nd Amendment

Concealed Wisconsin would like to invite you to participate in a special ‘Thank You’ message for Governor Walker and your State Senator or Assemblyman who voted for the Concealed Carry bill (SB-93).

We also want to recognize the extraordinary efforts of Senator Pam Galloway, District 29, who sponsored the bill and fought hard for its passage.

As you know, there was a lot of opposition to this legislation and it could have been easily put off due to the Budget Repair Bill, protesters, and media – but Wisconsin leaders recognized the legitimate need to recognize the 2nd Amendment in Wisconsin and both the Senate and Assembly passed this bill in a bi-partisan manner.

As a way to show appreciation to them, I would like to invite you to send them a message – A voice message!  You can call 608-305-GUNS (4867) and leave a message.

Suggested information to include:

  • Your First Name
  • City or area you live
  • Who you appreciate and why
  • Any comments

Keep it short, to the point, and family-friendly.

Have fun!

Concealed Wisconsin will compile all of the messages and create a montage to share with the representatives.   We’ll send them an email with a link to a post on our website.

Leave a voice mail message by calling:

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