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School Grounds Carry Bill

by Andy on January 15, 2016

Where's My Gun?Sharing from: Carry Wisconsin’s President, Nik Clark

There is a LOT of support out there for the School Grounds carry bill.

It is currently a felony if you drop off or pick up your kids from school while armed.  EVEN though Federal law allows CCL holders to go on school grounds, Wisconsin’s own Gun Free School Zone law was passed when we didn’t have concealed carry so it never included that exception.  That’s a shame.

This law has made law-abiding citizens FELONS.  Check out the following media report about a law-abiding grandfather and CCL holder who is now a convicted felon, barred from having a gun, because he went to his grandson’s school and didn’t realize you have to disarm before you cross the invisible line:

This is especially infuriating knowing that we have repeat criminals in Milwaukee who commit FELONY car theft and the courts plea-bargain it down to MISDEMEANOR “operating without owners consent”.  Criminals get special treatment and law-abiding citizens get the BOOK thrown at them.  If this doesn’t make you angry it should.

NOW we have word that the bill introduced by Senator Mary Lazich, may not get a vote in the ASSEMBLY controlled by Robin Vos.

PLEASE call your legislators and ask them to support the “school grounds carry bill”.  Ask them if they will co-sponsor/co-author the bill.  IF YOU GET A RESPONSE email me and let me know.  We are keeping track of legislators positions.

Find your legislators using this link:

MORE IMPORTANTLY.  Robin Vos is the SPEAKER OF THE ASSEMBLY.  In a news report the other night he indicated he probably wasn’t going to give the bill a vote in the assembly.

Call and email ROBIN VOS and ask him to bring the “School Grounds Carry Bill” for a vote IF (After) it passes the senate.

Representative Robin Vos:  608-266-9171

Carry On,

Nik Clark
Chairman/President – Wisconsin Carry, Inc.

Concealed Wisconsin is in agreement with Wisconsin Carry and supports the rights of all law abiding citizens to carry anytime they feel the need to, with or without the permission slip handed out by the state. However, we must deal with laws we currently have, and under those laws law abiding citizen’s rights are being infringed on when they pick up or drop of their child from school. Possible charges include a felony! Just for entering a school zone without disarming yourself, you would lose your right to own a firearm, vote, keep your job, etc. Meanwhile, in Milwaukee, gun crimes go unpunished, murders continue, and thugs keep carrying.


Concealed Wisconsin continues to support the 2nd Amendment and the right to bear arms without infringement by the government, including a licensing process that is expensive to maintain and potentially over reaching in a more divisive political environment (A Democrat Governor).

In a perfect world, I believe Wisconsin should adopt a constitutional carry model with a licensing option for those who would like to travel to other reciprocal states.  Similar to the Wisconsin’s Open Carry Law, which doesn’t require law abiding citizens who can legally own gun to request a permission slip to protect themselves from violent criminals.

I am pleased, however, that after decades of grassroots efforts and a multitude of vetoed bills from previous administrations, Wisconsin finally has a means for law abiding citizens to adequately defend themselves from the every growing violent society that exists today.

On August 16th, the Wisconsin Legislature’s rules committee voted to extend the temporary regulations that enacted Wisconsin’s concealed carry law, Act 35 – through mid-October.

The Wisconsin Department of Justice wrote the temporary rules last fall, so the new concealed carry law would have standards in place to issue or deny licenses to applicants.

The regulations included allowing anyone who met the rule’s standards – 21 years or older who can legally possess a firearm, proof of training, resident of the State, etc.  to apply for a concealed carry licenses.

The emergency rules were provided after Republican lawmakers took issue with the portion of the regulation that required applicants receive at least 4 hours of training.  Lawmakers said, “the concealed carry statutes don’t set out a minimum training time requirement.” The Joint Committee for Review of Administrative Rules suspended that portion of the rules.  It also suspended sections that required a completion certificate with an  instructor’s signature, contact information and location of training.

The temporary rules were set to expire on Saturday August 18, 2012, but DOJ officials requested the rules committee to extend them by 60 days, so officials can finalize permanent rules.

The rules committee voted 10-0 to extend the rules through Oct. 16.

Democrats on the committee expressed their discontent that the rules were weak, but they agreed that by not extending the extension would remove the DOJ of its authority to revoke permits. Sen. Chris Larson, D-Milwaukee, the committee’s co-chair, said future discussions would be more ‘robust’ when the committee sees DOJ’s permanent regulations.

The would be ‘permanent’ rules submitted to Gov. Scott Walker raised red flags for several members of gun rights groups in the state, who contended that the new rules would inhibit individuals and trainers from receiving and providing the training they feel they need to best prepare to carry a weapon for self defense.

New standards include: limited class sizes to no more than 50 students and requiring additional instruction on the use of deadly force and how to avoid violent situations.  The proposed regulations would also reduce application fees from $37 to $30, which hasn’t seemed to upset too many people.

Governor Walker confirmed that his office is reviewing the proposal, but would not say if they supported the new rules.  If the Governor approves of the rules, it would move to committees in the Assembly and Senate for consideration, but the rules committee would have the final say on implementation.

Andy Anderson
Concealed Wisconsin Radio


February 12, 2012 (MADISON, Wis.) — The Wisconsin Department of Justice announced that they have regained the upper hand on the mountain of concealed carry license applications and are finally meeting Act 35’s deadlines.

Wisconsin’s concealed carry law, Act 35, states that the Department of Justice shall process applications received before Nov. 30 within 45 days and any applications received after that date must be processed within 21 days.

With the obvious popularity of the new law and tens-of-thousands of applications flooding into the Department’s Madison office, they quickly staffed up to meet the demand, but by December 29th, they had already fallen behind.

As of February 11, however, the Department of Justice is back in compliance with the law. According to Law Enforcement Services Division Administrator Brian O’Keefe, the Department of Justice hired 11 new employees in January to keep up on processing applications.   According to reports, applications fell as far back as 5 days.

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Featured Segment

Andy of the Concealed Wisconsin Podcast traveled down to beautiful Hudson, WI to listen to speakers, mingle with fellow 2nd Amendment supporters, and enjoy a couple of hours of openly carrying a firearm just because it is my constitutional right to do so.

In just 10 days, we will officially become the 49th State in the Union to allow Law Abiding Citizens to protect themselves, their families, and others with a concealed weapon.  Although this law isn’t perfect, it is said to be one of the better ones in the country.  We have a lot to be proud of in Wisconsin and a lot to protect.

As you listen to the interviews, you’ll hear some talk about guns, others the constitution, and others politics.  In reality, they all go together pretty naturally.  November 2012 is approaching quickly and now more than ever we have to be working hard to protect our rights and those who have fought so hard to pass them for us.

We’re working hard on new content, now that the law is close to becoming active.  We’ll be following the DOJ’s releases of information and passing the important stuff on to you.

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