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School Grounds Carry Bill

by Andy on January 15, 2016

Where's My Gun?Sharing from: Carry Wisconsin’s President, Nik Clark

There is a LOT of support out there for the School Grounds carry bill.

It is currently a felony if you drop off or pick up your kids from school while armed.  EVEN though Federal law allows CCL holders to go on school grounds, Wisconsin’s own Gun Free School Zone law was passed when we didn’t have concealed carry so it never included that exception.  That’s a shame.

This law has made law-abiding citizens FELONS.  Check out the following media report about a law-abiding grandfather and CCL holder who is now a convicted felon, barred from having a gun, because he went to his grandson’s school and didn’t realize you have to disarm before you cross the invisible line:


This is especially infuriating knowing that we have repeat criminals in Milwaukee who commit FELONY car theft and the courts plea-bargain it down to MISDEMEANOR “operating without owners consent”.  Criminals get special treatment and law-abiding citizens get the BOOK thrown at them.  If this doesn’t make you angry it should.

NOW we have word that the bill introduced by Senator Mary Lazich, may not get a vote in the ASSEMBLY controlled by Robin Vos.

PLEASE call your legislators and ask them to support the “school grounds carry bill”.  Ask them if they will co-sponsor/co-author the bill.  IF YOU GET A RESPONSE email me and let me know.  We are keeping track of legislators positions.

Find your legislators using this link: http://maps.legis.wisconsin.gov/

MORE IMPORTANTLY.  Robin Vos is the SPEAKER OF THE ASSEMBLY.  In a news report the other night he indicated he probably wasn’t going to give the bill a vote in the assembly.

Call and email ROBIN VOS and ask him to bring the “School Grounds Carry Bill” for a vote IF (After) it passes the senate.

Representative Robin Vos:  608-266-9171


Carry On,

Nik Clark
Chairman/President – Wisconsin Carry, Inc.

Concealed Wisconsin is in agreement with Wisconsin Carry and supports the rights of all law abiding citizens to carry anytime they feel the need to, with or without the permission slip handed out by the state. However, we must deal with laws we currently have, and under those laws law abiding citizen’s rights are being infringed on when they pick up or drop of their child from school. Possible charges include a felony! Just for entering a school zone without disarming yourself, you would lose your right to own a firearm, vote, keep your job, etc. Meanwhile, in Milwaukee, gun crimes go unpunished, murders continue, and thugs keep carrying.


The Steep Cost of Political Correctness

by Andy on February 15, 2013

In today’s politically charged anti-gun environment in Washington D.C. and here in our own state, it has become unpopular to have a pro-gun stance in the public arena.  The reality is that we are losing our freedoms faster than anytime in history, because we’ve allowed politically correctness and intimidation by anti-gunners to overtake common sense and reason.

The Obama Presidency has systematically begun a series of ‘fundamental changes’ in our current laws that will dramatically change the freedoms we have up until now, taken for granted.

  • Homeland Security and the TSA are violating our personal rights at our airports through demoralizing searches. In the name of security, we just have to give up freedom. (Bush Era, but reinforced by Obama)
  • Homeland Security and the TSA are now conducting random check points in cities across America.
  • Homeland Security and the military are doing combat drills in our cities. Without warning, Blackhawk helicopters (Video) can be seen flying between buildings and shooting blank rounds over an unsuspecting pubic.
  • National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) allows for the indefinite detention of American Citizens without warning or trial.
  • Unmanned drones are flying above United States recording citizens behaviors and possibly carrying weapons.

It is time to speak up!  Our actions in the political arena are great, but simply voting and hoping are no longer enough.  It is time for all of us to speak up.  We need to let our voices be heard and we can’t be politically correct.  Tim Schmidt, the founder of the US Concealed Carry Association recently wrote a article that I thought you should see.

Here it is:

Political correctness is a poison.
By Tim Schmidt
USCCA Founder

The sad truth is that many well-meaning people drink this poison every day and are completely numb to it.  They have built up such a strong immunity to this poison that they actually believe it’s natural and acceptable.  This, my friends, is tragic.

The fact that you subscribe to the Concealed Carry Report is probably a good indication that you are not blinded by political correctness.  After all, we feed our readers a steady diet of information that would make the politically correct crowd lose their minds!  And we aren’t about to change…

More than ever before, we are in a battle of values with a group of people whose values and beliefs are anemic and illogical.  Never before has our nation been so full of people who prefer to have others do for them what they should be doing for themselves.  This is true in every sphere of life, but has become even more noticeable in the gun debate that has deluged our country.

Self-reliance and personal responsibility are two of the most important attributes you can posses in this life, and many of the politically correct people on the other side of this gun debate simply lack both of them.  To think that the police or the state can keep you safe in the heat of crisis is a pipe dream that I hope many Americans wake up from sooner than later.

The time has come for self-reliant, responsible citizens like you and me to lend our voices to this noble cause like never before.  Our natural born rights are more than worth fighting for, and what we could lose by remaining quiet or neutral is too valuable to lay down over.

We’ve all heard it a million times, but it’s as true now as it was the day Edmund Burke said it: “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” 

Those who seek to strip us of our rights are nothing more than politically correct clones that are paving the way for evil to triumph over the innocent.  Will you let them win this war, or will you cast aside political correctness and stand for what you believe?


Take care and stay safe,

Tim Schmidt
Publisher – Concealed Carry Report
USCCA Founder


SB-93 Becomes Law on July 8, 2011

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In celebration of Wisconsin & the 2nd Amendment

Concealed Wisconsin would like to invite you to participate in a special ‘Thank You’ message for Governor Walker and your State Senator or Assemblyman who voted for the Concealed Carry bill (SB-93).

We also want to recognize the extraordinary efforts of Senator Pam Galloway, District 29, who sponsored the bill and fought hard for its passage.

As you know, there was a lot of opposition to this legislation and it could have been easily put off due to the Budget Repair Bill, protesters, and media – but Wisconsin leaders recognized the legitimate need to recognize the 2nd Amendment in Wisconsin and both the Senate and Assembly passed this bill in a bi-partisan manner.

As a way to show appreciation to them, I would like to invite you to send them a message – A voice message!  You can call 608-305-GUNS (4867) and leave a message.

Suggested information to include:

  • Your First Name
  • City or area you live
  • Who you appreciate and why
  • Any comments

Keep it short, to the point, and family friendly.

Have fun!

Concealed Wisconsin will compile all of the messages and create a montage to share with the representatives.   We’ll send them an email with a link to a post on our website.

Leave a voice mail message by calling:

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