009 Concealed Wisconsin Would a Firearm have saved the South Carolina women kidnapped, raped, and beaten to death?

by Andy on December 31, 2011

Welcome to Concealed Wisconsin! A podcast about Guns, Wisconsin, and YOU!  In today’s show, I’ll evaluate the scenario surrounding Hope Melton, a 30 year old woman, stopped at a convenience store in the town of Jefferson, unaware that a violent man was watching her.

That man, 23 year old Nickolas Jermaine Miller,  was seen in surveillance video in he convenience store harassing the Melton and then following her car as she left the parking lot.  She  was abducted, raped, and beaten to death.

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Beverly Hope MeltonMiller, the man charged with abducting, raping and killing Melton was seen on surveillance video opening the store’s door for Melton, purchasing a beer and sitting in his car in waiting for her to leave.

When Melton finished pumping her gas, she left and Miller followed in his SUV.  Melton turned on to Angelus Road, heading to her grandmother’s house when she likely noticed that she was being followed.

This begs the question, “what if she had a gun?”   What if Hope Melton was a licensed concealed carry gun owner who choose to arm herself that day?  Would she still be alive today to tell the story?  I say yes!  And this should be a wake up call for women to choose ‘not to be a victim.’

Not a Victim!By evaluating this story, I mean no disrespect to Hope Melton’s family, but I do want consider the scenario under different conditions.

It is safe to say that people who choose to carry a weapon for self defense tend to be more alert to suspicious people, uncomfortable circumstances, and potential crimes.  In fact, they tend to carry themselves differently.

They can be less attractive as a target, because they are “too alert” and there are easier targets out there.

However, being alert doesn’t mean criminals won’t target you; some criminals, like Nickolas Jermaine Miller were willing to go to extremes to accomplish his plans and being alert would not have enough to deter him.

So, let’s re-evaluate the scenario, but this time we’ll give Hope Melton a gun.

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