Sheriff Clarke Comments on Open Carry Incident in Appleton

by Andy on September 16, 2013

Open CarryMy post on Thursday, regarding the 2 men openly carrying AR-15 rifles at a farmers market in Appleton, WI has received a lot of attention. Over 2,500 people viewed the post and there were more than 225 comments and replies on the thread.

The comments were a mixture of both supporters and critiques of the 2 men. Radio stations and TV news have been talking about the incident and some have called for more gun control as a result, while others took not of the legal right to openly carry in Wisconsin.

Weighing in on NewsRadio 620 KTMJ is Sheriff Clarke who suggested that the actions of these 2 men may have set back the efforts of Gun proponents in a “look at me moment.”  Clarke acknowledges their right to carry openly, but questions their motivations and said their actions, “hurt the movement,” referring to the pro-gun movement.

Listen to Clarke’s interview here:

Clark closed the interview by saying, “This whole thing could have been prevented by these 2 clowns using their heads.”

Sheriff Clarke

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Terry September 27, 2013 at 11:37 am

Idiots. That is what these two guys were. Idiots! They just set back gun rights efforts by doing something stupid! I am licensed to carryand I make every effort to conceal my weapon to NOT give cause to the anti gun establishment. Maybe these two idiots were working for the anti gun nuts?? They definitely made a lot of people, who may have been on the fence, angry enough to go to the anti gun movement.
I don’t know who these two were but I agree with Clark whe he said “Why”? I also agree with the fact they wanted attention. Maybe their mommy didn’t give them enough when they were little?


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